Research Planning/ Management


We, Kum A Powertech, are always making
constant efforts to develop the best products.

Research Planning/ Management

One of the key areas of the institute is research planning and management, and it continuously manages projects for the successful launching of diverse projects to satisfy domestic and foreign customers, figures out and forecasts technological trends to develop new products that will secure the future of Kum A Powertech and establishes R&D strategies on this basis.
The company supports the institute in various ways in relation to design costs, and the management of patents and technical documents and processes so that each part of the research center can smoothly develop competitive products.

Project Management

We manage projects to achieve development goals successfully by establishing development plans and managing development schedules periodically, from initial stage of conceiving hydraulic pump and power train to final stage of mounting finished products to vehicles.

Design Cost

It is the cost of parts estimated or calculated on the basis of conceptual drawings, drawings and cost standards from new product planning to mass-production stage, which is used as a tool for reviewing profitability related to bidding and receiving order, cost reduction activities and cost analysis of competitive machines, and is useful for deducing reasonable and competitive prices.


We secure the patent of our core technologies to prevent any possible patent disputes in advance and contribute to enhancing the national competitiveness as well as our technical competitiveness.