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Hydraulic Gear Pump

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Gear pumps, which are core elements necessary for various operations in combination with engines, form the oil pressure needed by various devices. These important parts that form the oil pressure with the power of the engine and convey it to the operation line are hydraulic pumps which are the source of the operation of various machines.


  • Manufacture 3 ~ 40.6cc/rev single, tandem or triple pumps
  • High-strength extruded aluminum housing
  • Compact and light pump
  • Various combinations of abundant options – About 40 kinds

Mounted car

Forklift Truck


type Single Single Single ~ Triple
(Cast iron)
Application 5ton Crawler 5Ton Wheel DT(P) K3V 63,112,140,180 13~50 ton
K3V 80,140,500 Fork Life Truck
Max. Displacement 16.2~19.2×4.5cc/rev 16.2~19.2×6.5cc/rev 10cc/rev 15cc/rev 10~40.6cc/rev
Rated Pressure 1.96 Mpa
14.7 Mpa
3.4 Mpa
4.9 Mpa
16.7~20.6 Mpa
Max. Pressure 2.94 Mpa
20.6 Mpa
7.8 Mpa
7.8 Mpa
22.5 Mpa
Max. Speed for Self Priming 3,600 rpm 3,000 rpm 2,100 rpm
Working oiltemperature -25~80℃ -25~80℃ -25~93℃