Corporate Information

We, Kum A Powertech, are always making
constant efforts to develop the best products.


Symbol Mark


The CI of Kum A Powertech expresses the determination to move toward the world.

The symbol mark of Kum A Powertech was designed to signify our stable technology and professionalism by delineating the forms of transaxles which are important items of the company through a simple and sophisticated 3D visual image. The mark that expresses the determination of Kum A Powertech to move toward the world signifies open communication between executives and employees.

The CI symbol mark of Kum A Powertech, a core and basic element of the company’s brand communication, is a symbol that represents our corporate images. For this reason, all members of the company should observe the company’s rules and principles following its application in order to always convey a consistent image by preventing damage to the image caused by distortion, deformation, abuse and misuse of the identity.

Achromatic-Colored CI