Employment Information


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Employment Information

Employment Type

  • Scheduled employment : Open recruitment (new/experienced)
  • Nonscheduled employment : Employ persons on an ad hoc basis to supplement the work force (new/experienced) at any time and notify people individually who are registered in the talent pool of the company

Employment Procedure

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How to Apply

  • Fill out the application form and send it to the related person through an e-mail
  • Regarding nonscheduled employment, the company determines all details, such as the hiring number, following the manpower plan of the firm
    In consequence, there may not be the anticipated employment opportunities that you desire

Application Form

Download the application form, fill it out properly and then send it by e-mail.
Application Form Download


  • If any parts of the application form are proven to be false, the company can withdraw/cancel the job offer.
  • If you want to know something about employment opportunities or circumstance, you can make inquiries using the counseling board or e-mails.

Employment Inquiry

  • Member of the management team in charge of employment : 055-762-3690
  • jungsy@kumapt.com