Test/Credibility Verification


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Test/Credibility Verification

Reliability tests on hydraulic pump and power train are performed by conducting various tests on each part and analyzing them using state-of-the-art test devices.

Durability Test

This is to comprehensively assess the durability of hydraulic pump and power train using a test mode set based on actual road driving conditions.

Material Analysis

We analyze the materials of parts comprising hydraulic pump and power train to improve the quality.

Cases of Noise Improvement for Hydraulic Pump and Power Train

We measure the noise level with Delta Analyzer, ensure the silence by measuring the noise level of cases and gears and maximize the durability by reinforcing the rigidity of cases.

Test on Oil Pump

We test the efficiency and durability of oil pumps.

Clutch Test

We evaluate the friction material of a wet multi-plate clutch that is directly connected to the shifting performance and durability of a transmission.

Oil Level Test

We evaluate the performance of a transmission according to operating conditions including ascending/ descending and right/ left turning and determine the optimal oil level.

Valve Body Test

We evaluate the hydraulic characteristics of the valve body, a core part of transmission, which controls the hydraulic pressure of a power train.

Braking Test

We evaluate the noise and friction materials of wet multi-plate clutch, a core part of transaxle.

Test of Gears

We detect the fracture of gears at an early stage with a Delta Analyzer and evaluate the performance of gears.

Performance Test

We evaluate the function and hydraulic performance of hydraulic pump and power train.