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We, Kum A Powertech, are always making
constant efforts to develop the best products.

CEO Message

Hello, everybody!
Welcome to all persons who visit the website of Kum A Powertech

Kum A Powertech will perform its social responsibility through executing sustainability management based on customer-oriented, customer satisfaction and customer impression management.

Kum A Powertech was a gear pump maker established in 2002.
Since its foundation, the company has widened its business area to power trains for heavy machinery
through continuously conducting R&D, innovating quality and developing piston pumps for excavators
and transmissions for forklift trucks and has exported its products around the world.
Hydraulic pumps made by Kum A, which are key parts of agricultural machines and heavy
equipment, are core components that enable and complete the operational abilities of
vehicles. The company tries to realize customer satisfaction with power train
technology that maximizes the driving performance of forklift trucks and
by providing differentiated quality competitiveness.

Kum A Powertech will exert all its powers to chart a new direction for industrial
vehicles based on its passion and will concentrate its efforts to develop
technology for next-generation hydraulic pumps and power trains
by placing top priority on customer satisfaction.

I promise that the company will strive to be a top-tier manufacturer of
the highest-quality power trains and hydraulic items through
securing a competitive edge in technology and quality in
increasingly competitive markets. In addition, the
company will seek to be creative, innovative and
develop more advanced technology, attract more
investment and train excellent workers.
All members of the company will do their
best to satisfy customers’ demands
by carefully listening to them.

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