RCV(Remote Control Valve)

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RCV(Remote Control Valve)

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Remote control valves are core elements necessary for the operation of excavators.
Piston pumps that form the oil pressure using engine power and main control valves convey the oil pressure to each part. Remote control valves are hydraulic devices controlling the main control valves and various other valves.



  • Control MCVs and remotely control various valves
  • Durability guaranteeing high reliability
  • Small pressure loss and excellent responsiveness
  • Actively supporting various customer demands
  • Display high performance in a wide temperature range (-20℃~90℃)

Mounted car



MODEL Max inlet pressure Max back pressure Rated flow Output pressure Operation torque
kgf/㎠ kgf/㎠ ℓ/min kgf/㎠ kgf/㎠
Excavator Traveling pedal Wheel Type 50 3 8~27 0~30 1.6~43.8
Traveling pedal Crawler Type 100 3 10 0~28 60~173.8
Traveling pedal Crawler Type with Damper 100 3 20 0~27 55~160
Option pedal 100 3 10 0~28 5~135
Joystick lever 100 3 20 0~30 5~36.7
Joystick lever Dozer, Option 50 3 8~35 0~28 2.4~32.6